Heavy Steel Construction

Heavy Steel Construction

We are able to Detail, fabricate and then erect on site your structural engineering needs. This may be the structural steel for a building, or a frame / gantry holding a piece of plant or machinery within your facility.

Project Planning
Everything starts with a plan. Even in the earliest stages of a project we use our skills and experience to build a plan that will assure a successful outcome. We work closely with you to fit into your timeframes and so that we all know what the plan is. Open communications between us, other contractors and our clients is essential.

Working from your supplied consultant drawings we create all the fabrication plans and schedlues. We make extensive use of 3D modeling to ensure that we create the right components and understand the production and erection schedule to ensure a smooth work flow.

Within our Hamilton based production facility we have the leading CNC Plasma cutting system. This allows us to create dimensionally accurate and high specification components for use in our structural steel projects for clients. Our skilled and experienced production engineers, welders, fabricators and machinists ensure the comments are prepared effectively so on site construction runs smoothly.

On Site Construction
Our team of on site engineers take the fabricated components and safely construct the structural steel framing. Due to the highly accurate nature of our fabricated componentry and the application of years of experience, we are able to achieve agreed time frames, which in turn allows the principal builder to know that by involving us in the project they have a very practical and experienced member in their team.

Commitment to quality
For us quality is not an aim, it is a standard. We have system in place to ensure that your project is produced and erected to the highest quality standards. We know that if we produce quality components in our production facility we get a faster build and a trouble free life for our structural steel framing.


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Combined, our drafting, fabrication, project planning and erection services makes us a one stop shop for your structural steel needs. We have built a nationwide reputation for being a leading structural steel fabrication and erection company. If you would like to know why we have been selected by many of the leading commercial building companies in the country, please call us to find to out more.